Who we are

Ruehill Jewellery is a small family run business which takes great pride in upholding a standard of excellence by featuring only jewellery of the finest craftswomanship, displaying unique contemporary designs.


All of our individual pieces are

handcrafted in our studios in Scotland. Our pieces are individually made meaning we usually only have one in stock,

but don't worry, get in touch through our contacts page and we'll make more just for you.

What we want


Is to be the very best we can be and more importantly, for you to be happy with us too! Please let us know how we are doing? 

What we do

We specialise in working with Eco resin in order to create contemporary pieces of jewellery. Due to the nature of the resin, inks, pigments and embellishments we use individually for each piece, your jewellery will be a unique work of art. 


We also use gold, silver and cord to frame the pieces. Currently, we are developing work in resined fabrics and we love creating new bead art too.        

What do you need?

Whatever the occasion we will create a bespoke and unique piece especially for you. Please just ask.

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