What is Resin?

Remember that mosquito trapped in Amber from Jurassic Park? That's resin. Resin from the sap of plants and trees. Nowadays we work in synthetic or Eco resin, thereafter Ruehill resin jewellery is made with molds or ironed fabric whereby we mix then pour the resin into the molds or dome the pre-treated fabric, add our embellishments, colour or not, then leave to cure till it hardens. This process can take up to 2-3 days for each individual piece. We then usually sand, polish and drill the piece in order to then add our "findings", which thereafter can be made into our unique handcrafted jewellery.


Postage/Shipping Guidelines? 

We use GB Royal Mail and its subsidiaries to post your new goodies to you. Please see our posting guidelines here for further information


We ship Nationally and Internationally in a variety of ways dependent upon how fast and tracked you would like your goodies to arrive. Please consult our shipping estimates and don't hesitate to get in touch if the method you require is not listed.


We endeavour to post to you as soon as possible after your order has cleared payment, however commissioned items will take longer and we will keep you informed during the design process and especially when your item is completed and has been posted to you.


We package up your goodies very nice and secure, however if your goodies are intended as a gift for someone, please kindly let us know and we will put that extra special Ruehill touch to it. 


What is your return and refund policy?

At Ruehill Jewellery we try to be the very best we can be in what we do. However, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. Please take a look at our returns policy first for peace of mind.


Data Protection Policy

We will never, unless legally required to do so, share your information with anyone else, ever.

​Please take a look at our Privacy Policy  which explains more.


Photography Policy

We photograph our jewellery as best we can under natural light conditions, however in the North-East of Scotland this at times can be quite challenging. We therefore use a small photographic set up in our studio with stronger lighting to replicate this natural light, with our Sony NEX-7 camera with macro lens, but we will never and promise never, to use any special effects or enhanced modified images to sell you jewellery.  


Recycling and packaging information

We ​use recycled paper craft and labels for our jewellery boxes and recycled twine to add to our finishing flourishes. We also try to minimise our offset by using mostly flowers and embellishments in our resin that we grow in our garden, make, and also forage with our children from the stunning natural heritage of the North-East of Scotland. We recycle our resin for use in our abstract pieces of jewellery to ensure that nothing ever goes to waste and you have unique jewellery that will last a lifetime. 

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